Tension Release Therapy™ by La Sculp


Tension Release Therapy™ is an innovative new therapy developed by La Sculp to address pain that is experienced by our clients. There are three pillars of our philosophy that drives our continued pursuit to develop better methods of mitigating pain for our clients.

Our Body Overcompensates to Protect

Life happens. As an athlete, a worker, a dad, a mom, a friend, or teammate we all run into physical pain. Sometimes this pain is something traumatic, like breaking a bone, but most of the time, the starts small; it is an ankle sprain, tendonitis, or pulled muscles. While you are experiencing pain, your body is compensating to alleviate that pain as a form of protection & much of the time it does a great job! Your body adapted while you were in pain to mitigate the pain. The issue arises whenever your body does not adjust back to the normal position after the pain is gone, and this creates a chain reaction of built-up overcompensation and imbalances of tendons, ligaments, soft and hard tissues over time.

Hidden Pain (The Chain Reaction)

When we compound the compensating, adaptive nature of the body over years of small injuries and pain there begins to form a chain reaction that looks like this Pain > Compensation > Tension (Not Pain) > Pain > Compensation > Tension. In a similar fashion that twisting a rope continuously will cause the rope to wide up, the build of tension in the body will reach the point of chronic or constant pain. Many times, since our bodies do such a great job of mitigating the pain we forget to re-balance and remove the built-up tension which results in hidden pain. Pain that we do not perceive because of the chain reaction.

Visible Tension

Tension presents differently for each person. Different injuries and different lifestyles result in various forms of tension and they visibly show them as they walk, sit, stand, and exercise. By learning how to read the body and trace tension to the source of the chain reaction, we can develop treatments to adequately remove tension in capacitive and resistive tissues and restore a more balanced state to our clients.

Tension Tracing™

Tension Tracing™ is the proprietary non-medical diagnostic tool developed and used by a Certified Tension Release Therapist™ to identify tension that causes our clients to experience pain. Each client presents tension in various ways and develops tension through different traumas whether it is an acute injury sustained by overactivity & acute trauma or psychological stresses that lead to tensing muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Tension Release™

Our Tension Release Therapy™ is a blend of our own innovative physical treatment disciplines coupled with various innovative medical technologies that result in a rejuvenating and regenerative experience for our clients. The goal of Tension Release Therapy™ is to improve quality of life by removing pain without developing a reliance on the therapy.


La Sculp is Pioneering a new option to relieve pain through data-driven innovation with an unwavering commitment to positive client outcomes. The main driver of Tension Release Therapy ™ is the development of new and innovative therapies & technologies that assist in providing our clients with faster recovery and a prolonged increase in quality of life through reduced pain and increased function.


La Sculp is not affiliated with any medical practice. We are not medical. We do not claim to cure, treat or diagnose any disease or medical issue. If you suspect that you have a medical issue, please contact your primary care physician or call 9-1-1.

Tension Release Therapy™, Tension Tracing™ and Certified Tension Release Therapist™ are proprietary certification tracks, therapies, processes, technologies, and tools developed by La Sculp to assist our clients to relieve pain, achieve greater athletic performance, and produce other outcomes not mentioned here for the benefit of our clients.

You can not find Tension Release Therapy™ or a Certified Tension Release Therapist™ outside of La Sculp. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with La Sculp or want to become a Certified Tension Release Therapist™ please contact us directly. If you have been solicited or approached by someone outside of La Sculp claiming to be a Certified Tension Release Therapist™ please contact us immediately.

We have been compared to various professions including Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. We are in fact, none of these and do not share any affiliation with any of the above-mentioned professions.