Shin splints

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Be honest, have you started running or pushing yourself to run farther faster? Pain along the front of your shins most often occurs after sudden changes in physical activity levels. Shin splints are pain that develops when the muscle along the shinbone (tibia) and the bone tissue become overworked by a sudden increase in intensity and duration of activity. Shin splints are most often associated with athletes who do a lot of running, or who increase activity or mileage too quickly for the muscle on the shins to acclimate to the new demands. While runners are at the highest risk for developing shin splints, dancers and members of the military are frequently diagnosed with shin splints.

Results Felt by

2 – Sessions

Number of Sessions

2 – 4

Lasting Effects

1 Year +

* The number of sessions is based on previous client experiences. There are instances whenever pain may reside within 1 session, and there are instances when relief takes 5 or more sessions. A Prevention+ Plan is always recommended for injury prevention after you receive initial pain relief and resume activity. Results may vary per person. You will find continuous improvement long-term when coupled with at-home exercises.

What experience can you expect when you come in for your Shin Splints treatments?

The muscle that runs along the tibia is not easily stretched. Therefore, use manual therapies and other technology through our Tension Release Therapy ™ to release the stress of the inflamed and tightened muscle. We need to also calm the tissue of the periosteum (bone tissue) to prevent further damage to the muscles or bone. Results are felt within two visits

Is it your first time?

La Sculp therapist are trained in Tension Release Therapy™ which focuses on the bodies ability to compensate through injury, stress, movement, & daily life. Sometimes though, after a injury or many years of repetitive movements, the body can over-compensate leaving you will tightness and tension in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can lead to pain beyond what you feel and open up further possibility of injury.

For all first time clients, we ask that you either choose to do a Full Assessment or give us a try with a 15-mintue complimentary session.


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