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” I love everything about La Sculp. The way that they work until the job is finished, they don’t skimp on time, they care deeply about me when I show up. Everything I could ask for and more, they do. If you haven’t experienced what La Sculp can do for you, I highly recommend you start today.”

– Milan Madison


Milan’s Favorites

Essential Facial

Total Price:

$75.00    $60.00

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Other La Sculp Experiences

Find Your Shape

Cellulite Sculpting

Starting at:


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Skin Tone

Remove Fat

Reduce Pain

Tension Release Therapy

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Restore Movement

Reduce Pain

2X Faster Recovery

Prevent Injury

Prevention+ Membership

Starting at:


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  • 1 Hour Prevention Session
  • 15% Discount – All Services
  • Free TECAR baking (as needed)
  • $20 Ultimate IV Gift Card

Sleep Better

Reduce Pain

Release Tension

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Milan Madison - Affiliate Lead

100% Commitment

Our mission is to maintain an unwavering focus on client outcomes. We want wins, not losses. If you do not get the results you expected, we will find a way to make it right – no questions asked.

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