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“I have experienced pain in my shoulders that really impedes my ability to lift and exercise the way I want to. La Sculp is one of the first solutions that has actually produced noticeable results for me, so now i refer all my clients and go in every week.”

– Abbi Richardson, F45 Trainer


Abbi’s Favorites

Tension Release Therapy

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Restore Movement

Reduce Pain

2X Faster Recovery

Prevent Injury

Prevention+ Membership

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$127.50 per month


  • 1 Hour Prevention Session
  • 15% Discount – All Services
  • Free TECAR baking (as needed)
  • $20 Ultimate IV Gift Card

Sleep Better

Reduce Pain

Release Tension

Other La Sculp Experiences

Find Your Shape

Cellulite Sculpting

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Skin Tone

Remove Fat

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2About Me

100% Commitment

Our mission is to maintain an unwavering focus on client outcomes. You will receive attention to your care in a way you’ve never experienced. When you win against injury, pain, and crush your goals, we win.

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