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Join us and help create an effective option in healthcare for those in pain and in building a truely impactful healing experience.

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Are you a social media influencer that helps and educates your clients on products and services that add value to their lives? Do you provide your expertise? If you are, you may be a perfect partner for our affiliate program.

Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer you know the value of adequate recovery, and you know how much a small injury can set you and your clients back. With our program receive therapy to take care of your body during your training and keep your clients happy!

Health Care professionals

You are on you feet all day. You are caring for everyone else but when are you making time for you? We want you to be apart of our program so you can earn therapy to help you reduce pain, sleep better and find relief. Come join us and let’s work together.

Beauty Professionals

We love our beauty affiliates! You bring the world to life. With our unique service offering you can offer your clients a discounted rate and affordable pricing that compliments the services you are currently providing them. You are the superstar.

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