Forehead Wrinkles

Remove unwanted forehead wrinkles

Forehead Wrinkles develop in the hills and valleys between soft and strong muscles of the face. Our goal is to create greater strength and continuity in the muscles of the forehead. Unlike Botox that paralyzes the muscles we aim to stimulate the skin’s ability to create collagen and elastin to smooth out the appearance of those wrinkles while strengthening and defining the

Visible Results in

3 Sessions

Number of Sessions

4 – 8

Lasting Effects

6 Months +

What experience can you expect when you come in for your Forehead Wrinkle removal sessions?

Depending on how much skin and muscle tissue someone has will determine how sensitive the treatment will be as well as how long lasting. If the forehead tissue is thin, we have ways to improve the muscle tone and tightening gently.

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