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Tension Release Therapy

The unique therapy you only get at La Sculp. It has been developed with thousands of hours of treatment and in combination with multiple disciplines including myofascial release, traditional manual techniques and no-pain treatment styles.

Tension Tracing

By understanding the body as a holistic organism, we can find the source of your pain more effectively. Tension Tracing is our unique technique used to identify sources of pain.

Advanced Medical Technologies

In 2020, we have the opportunity to work with some of the latest medical and therapeutic technologies to enhance our therapies and speed up the healing process.

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La Sculp Success Stories

Robert Maislin

What We Rejuvinated

Forearm pain, Pitching Mechanics

How We Treated

Tecar Technology coupled with La Sculp specialized techniques

Number of Sessions


What We Rejuvinated

3rd Degree Burn Scar, Skin Health

How We Treated

Tecar Technology coupled with La Sculp specialized scar techniques

Number of Sessions


” What an amazing experience! I am beyond satisfied. It is great to see a company like La Sculp offering such affordable services and helping my body heal itself naturally!”

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